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Slab Art – Reclaimed Beauty

Table by Slab Art

I have visited the showroom of Slab Art – Salvaged Lumber Art Builders (www.slabart.com) in the Ballad neighborhood of Seattle.  Initially I imagined some arts related to natural stone slabs based on the name of the company.  It is not!  When you go in, the showroom is filled with beautiful wood slabs and wood smell.  They use “salvaged wood” to create new art objects and furniture.  “All these salvaged wood have stories to tell – history, where it is salvaged, shape, and grain of wood” they say.  Eric, a co-founder of Slab Art, lived in Japan and appreciates aesthetics of Japanese architecture and woodwork. I was also born and raised in Japan surrounded by temples and gardens. (I grew up in Nara prefecture, the oldest capital of Japan.)  My design style reflects certain principles of Japanese design naturally.  I love its constrained elegance, negative space, taking out elements to add balance and impact, and flow of space.  Nature – the shape of tree branches, texture of leaves, color of flowers, and entire composition – is an art form and inspires me.  The visit was very inspiring and made me want to sketch my own design ideas and objects.  Every piece is different.  If you are looking for a truly unique piece of art or furniture, you may want to check it out. Or design the piece with Hatano Studio!

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