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Freshening Up for Summer

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment



Spring blooming flowers are fading away recently.  This weekend, I started to switch around and add new flowers to dress up my containers for summer.  Primroses and Ranunculus, which brought such a bright color to early spring garden, passed their peak of bloom.  To keep my container looking fabulous, started to replace some plants.

Yellow twig dogwood started to grow variegated leaves.  Two different shade of Snapdragons, and violas.  Kept Black Mondo Grass in the back.

This container got a full make-over.  Light pink Snapdragon, Dusty Millers, and Petunia. (Photo on the below right).   The arrangement introduced in Spring Container Idea 1 is updated as below photo on the left.   Click here to see more pictures!  You can see better quality photo by clicking the each image.



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Spring Container Ideas 3

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment
Deep, Bright, and Sculptural

People ask how do I start.  I was arranging this container to The Ashram Yoga where I practice yoga religiously. (the best Hot Yoga!)  So I look for inspiration or connecting thread – color or structure – something related.  This is the same thought process I use for Interior Design.  I wanted it to feel rising energy and sculptural and incorporate their website color orange and yellow.   I walk around the nursery, I pick one plant that catches my eyes – Apricot Queen Flax.  It has a dark red edge and height.  Dark red color is accentuated with Red Twig Dogwood branches, which add sculptural shape.  For orange and yellow colors, Begonia with deep green foliage, Viola, and Pansies accompany them.  Soft flower-like Hosta volume up the whole.  Black Mondo Grass for deepen the palette.  Trailing Lysimachia (Persian Chocolate) to complete the design..  Most of plants have to be shade tolerant.  That added a bit challenge, of course!

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Spring Container Ideas 2

April 27, 2011 1 comment

Blue-Purple and White for Shaded Area

Creating f flower container is addictive.  Compared with Interior Design, which takes months and months of planning and installation, it is very inexpensive and quick. (Still I love Interior Design and enjoy the process.)

This time I wanted to brighten up the shaded area of my deck.  So I mixed Creeping Jenny, lime green Hosta, blue-purple hue of Chocolate Chip Ajuga and bright white primrose for finishing touch.

I hope all plants will grow and fill up container soon.

Elegant Pink and Silver-Grey     





When I found Dusty Miller at nursery I cannot resist purchasing it – even though it is not cold hardy.  The mix of Soft pink Ranunculus, white viola with tint of purple hue, and silver-grey foliage of Dusty Miller looks so elegant and romantic.


Flower is the best tool to complete your space or add colors! I cannot live without them.

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Spring Container Ideas 1

April 26, 2011 1 comment
Lime Green and Cool Pink Combo

Spring is finally here!! How about dressing up your porch or garden with splash of color? Sure it makes you smile!

Photo- Left: A lot of texture but color brings modern look. Fuchsia Lewisia, Lime Green Licorice, Cute White Bacopa, Light Pink Diascia, and Tufted Hair Grass in the back.

Orange and Yellow - A lot of Energy


Photo – Right: Bright Orange (rose like) Ranunculus,  Libertia Peregtinans  (golden bronze spike for height and texture), yellow primroses.

 For more photos, please click here!

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